The Throne Of Sulayman

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That is what the Prophet King Sulayman (upon whom be peace) was blessed with. And then some. The information that we have about him is enough for a thousand stories, many which you have read as a child.

About Dominion

Now is the time to look past the stories, and take lessons for your future.

It is difficult to find any story in the Qur’ān more fascinating than that of the Prophet Sulayman (upon whom be peace) – the detail is incredible, the facts awe-inspiring, the narrative as enjoyable as it can possibly get.

The real benefit for ourselves of a Qur’ānic study of Sulayman will be extracting key lessons for our time today, one dominated by our search for stability, direction and leadership in a wealth-obsessed, politically and socially chaotic mess.

Dominion is an experience, essentially a tafsīr journey, through a beautifully rich source bursting with content. We will investigate linguistic miracles you never knew existed. We will distil historical gems ranging from the relationship with his father, to the extent of his miraculous skills and control of those outside of the human realm, to of course the jaw-dropping episode with the Queen of Sheba. We will study the controversies, learn about the occult at his time, and learn how to protect ourselves from magic that is clearly above our pay-grade.

When an ant is given airtime by Allah jalla wa ‘ala in the Qur’ān, and used as a warning emphasised by the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him), it inspired scholars to study the issue in detail.

What will the lessons be? It is not just fanciful rhetoric to state that if we understand this story properly, we will safeguard against the incessant spilling of blood we witness every day.

When you ask for guidance – all day in your daily prayers – as a Muslim, but learn that it is part of Judaism to ask for the “Temple of Solomon” to be rebuilt – all day in their daily prayers – then it inspired scholars to study the issue in detail.

What will the lessons be? It is not just fanciful rhetoric to state that if we understand this issue properly, we will have clear direction on the most politically important matter in the world: the Israel-Palestine situation.

The story of Sulayman was fun as a child, but as an adult it’s become serious. How serious are you about your history, but more importantly how serious are you about your future?

Dominion: lessons, admonitions, prophecies. You will never have heard this story quite like this before…

About The Instructor

Shaykh Abu Eesa Niamatullah

The original, addictive and with an unparalleled sense of humour, the Shaykh (universally known as “AE”) combines experience, ‘ilm and a modern understanding and application which is unique and utterly relevant. Schooled by many leading scholars from around the world, don’t be fooled by his jocular exterior – it is unsurprising just how treasured he is to our student body as one of our most passionate and knowledgeable senior instructors.